afternoon update

i am an artist, and i am in quarantine.

my calendar is a guesstimate, and that’s okay. the future is uncertain—was always uncertain—and that’s okay. i muddle through periods of motivation and periods of discouragement. this, too, is okay.

today, i’ll continue working on the artwork shown. most importantly, i’ll contact some friends and family.

what will i do tomorrow? i’ll find out when i get there.

about the artwork

  1. dino stationary
    • for a set of greeting cards, i am designing a theme of dinosaurs and flora. now that i sketched my linework and value studies, i am testing color palettes on my drawings.
  2. promenading possums
    • i finally passed from the color study and sketching stages. (yay!) over the next week, i’ll continue to post updates on the final painting of my possums: clementine and juniper. to view these updates, visit my instagram, @annalise_barber.
  3. watercolor & gouache still life
    • over the past week, i experimented with gouache and colorful paper. (it was quite challenging!) next week, i’ll concentrate on adding watercolor pencils to my work.

thank you for reading, and stay safe!