let’s take a walk!

i wouldn’t call myself a woodswoman. (let’s face it: mosquitoes are a killjoy.) nevertheless, i adore nature. i observe blossoms as they stretch from the ground. i relish the smell of fresh dirt. i listen to the cadence of rain against leaves.

springtime is the overture of nature, and i miss the company of sunlight and trees.

it is disappointing to be quarantined during this delightful season. however, it is important to keep our friends, family, and communities safe. 

even so, i have great news: we can still go on walks! if you live in Ohio, you are allowed to go on outdoor walks for exercise.* over these past few weeks, i found that a fifteen-minute walk—or even longer!—greatly relieves my stress. in the middle of this crisis, i felt encouraged by the chipper attitude of my neighborhood birds and squirrels. although walks are by no means a cure-all for this pandemic, sunshine can serve as a reminder:

there is beauty and consistency in the midst of this chaos.

reflecting upon nature, i’ve begun my next project, a watercolor painting of two promenading possums. (i’m unsure of their names, so feel free to send suggestions in the comments!) over this next week, i will start painting on my 1.5’ x 2’ paper. the scale of this painting daunts me. so, as you can imagine, i’ll probably take some walks. 

* i am not a doctor. if you were instructed to avoid the outdoors by a medical professional, please listen to them! 

for more information about the coronavirus in Ohio, visit: 


walk photography provided by my roommate and good pal, Mariana Floria.

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