find a hobby

looking for a hobby? sure, this might not challenge for you. so let me clarify:
find a hobby outside of your profession.

if you’re a vocational artist, you participate in this field because you love art. and, yes, that’s fantastic! however, the monetizing of your passion can deter you. (when you toil over your artwork all day, it’s not much of a “break” to sit down and draw.)
if you relate to any of this sentiment,
then i suggest for you to try my challenge!

surprisingly, swing dancing became my preferred hobby. 

i never expected to view a room of strangers as inviting or even enjoyable. as an introvert, i expected to find the most entertainment at home, alone. however, i found that swing dancing encapsulates the lovely qualities of visual art; while swinging, i improvise and jazz up my mistakes. i collaborate with other dancers to create a movement to music. i embody the melody of a song. when i swing dance, i remember why i’m an artist, and i remember how to have fun as an artist.

as silly as it sounds, a hobby can enliven your job as an artist. therefore, i reiterate the best advice that i received from art school: find a hobby.